What They Do to Prawns Is More Disgusting Than You Could Ever Have Imagined

Posted by on October 11, 2016 | Permalink

A disgusting video has been released showing live prawns being injected with jelly to make them look more appetising in the supermarket.


The tiny animals are still alive when a thickening substance is injected into their heads and tails in order to give them a plumped-up appearance and increase their weight when they’re sold.

The footage comes from Vietnam – one of the world’s largest exporters of prawns, shipping hundreds of tonnes to the UK every year. Globally, it’s estimated that 99 per cent of prawns come from developing countries, where there are often few laws to protect animals, workers, and consumers.

This is just one more reason not to eat seafood. The prawn industry also causes massive damage to the environment, both because of destructive fishing practices that ruin the ecosystem of the oceans and because of the chemicals and waste products released into waterways by factory farms. As if that weren’t bad enough, shrimp processing has also been linked to human trafficking and slave labour.

Of course, choosing vegan alternatives to shrimp and other seafood is the right thing to do for animals, too!

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