These Protesters Are Touring the UK to Make People Think About Where Wool Comes From

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Sheep are often kicked, punched, and even killed as part of the wool industry’s production methods – and many people have no idea.

Cutting a sheep

Eyewitness footage from 37 different shearing sheds and wool ranches on three continents has revealed consistent, shocking cruelty to animals – including at some farms that supply major international companies. Shearers have been filmed stamping on sheep’s heads, beating them with shears, cutting them so hastily that they are left with large bloody gashes, and even handling them so roughly that their necks snap.

Australia and South America are among the world’s largest exporters of wool. Wool produced in this way is almost certainly ending up on British shelves.

Sheep “need” shearing only because the wool industry breeds them to grow an unnaturally heavy coat. Native breeds are able to regulate their body temperature without human interference and will naturally shed their hair when the weather gets warmer.

In the run-up to the Christmas shopping season, a trio of compassionate activists is touring English cities to help open shoppers’ eyes to the cruelty of wool production and to encourage them to choose humane vegan fabrics instead.

Scroll down for photos from the protests in London and Leeds.









Sheep aren’t coats, jumpers, or scarves, and it’s easy to stay cosy through the winter without wearing another animal’s hair. Next time you go shopping, please check the label before you buy – and if it says “wool”, leave it on the shelf.