‘Farmed With Care’: UK Pig Farms Exposed – Again

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New footage reveals the state of UK pig farms in 2019:



Both these videos were filmed at Red Tractor–approved, “high-welfare” piggeries by grassroots animal rights activists Lonely Vegans. Do these look like “high-welfare” conditions to you?

When British farms receive the “Red Tractor” label, consumers are told that there’s a “cast-iron guarantee” that the meat they’re buying comes from animals farmed under “high-welfare” standards, assured by the government. The truth is that the label is a convenient way to conceal the same exploitation and bloodshed we see on non-“assured” farms. It’s used to make consumers feel better about buying and eating the flesh of defenceless animals. In no way do the sentient beings on Red Tractor–approved farms have a decent life before being slaughtered, as we’re led to believe.

The investigators reflected on what they discovered:

Food trollies were covered with flies, and rodents were everywhere, but the most heartbreaking thing of all was watching mother pigs in farrowing crates unable to move or turn around as their newborn babies lay beside them, covered with their own urine and faeces.

These mothers were literally lying on concrete, covered with their own filth, and their babies were knee deep in it, too. This is their introduction to the world. This is life as they know it.

The kind of suffering they witnessed is inherent in the pig-farming industry – it’s not a case of one or two bad farms breaking the rules. From “Hogwood Horror” to PETA’s exposé of a UK farm where piglets were caged, illness is always rampant, suffering is always the rule, the animals are always only a “unit” – a “commodity” – and slaughter is always cruel. There’s an easy way to ensure that we’re not supporting this cruelty – and that’s by choosing delicious vegan food.

What You Can Do

The best way to help animals abused on farms is to stop paying for this cruelty.

If you care about animals and refuse to be deceived by farming assurance schemes any longer, take PETA’s vegan pledge or order a free vegan starter kit, full of tips and recipes to help you make the switch.