Simon Cowell Axes ‘Xtra Factor’ Dolphin Scenes

Posted by on September 30, 2014 | Permalink

1425675_15286026 Anyone who has followed Simon Cowell’s countless good deeds for animals over the years knows that he’s far from being the meanie so often portrayed on The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.

So it comes as no surprise to us at PETA that as soon as Simon learned that next weekend’s episode of Xtra Factor was planning to air footage of the six final boy contestants attending a dolphin show and swimming with the animals, the outspoken celebrity took a stand, tweeting, “I had no idea Xtra Factor producers filmed with dolphins. This will NOT be showed on Saturday” and “I think you all know my view on cruelty to animals”.

Many of the highly intelligent and social animals incarcerated in marine parks around the world have endured the trauma of being caught and torn away from their families in the wild and then sold into a life of captivity. In the wild, dolphins swim together in family pods for their entire lives. In the chlorinated prisons of marine parks, their ocean worlds are reduced to claustrophobic swimming pools. Most captive dolphins die prematurely, living to only half the age of their wild brothers and sisters.

Please join Simon in always speaking out whenever you see tour companies advertising cruel “swim-with-dolphins” excursions or other exhibits at marine abusement parks. Please also take a moment to tell Sir Richard Branson to stop promoting trips to SeaWorld here:

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