Great News: Brand Tory Burch Sheds Reptile Skins

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Upscale brand Tory Burch – whose products are sold at House of Fraser and Harrods – confirmed that it will no longer use reptile skins. The move comes after it heard from PETA US about the horrific ways snakes, crocodiles, and other reptiles used by the fashion industry are killed for their skin. In thanks, PETA US sent the company a box of delicious alligator-shaped vegan chocolates.

Who Are You Wearing?

Every accessory made of reptile skin is stitched with the suffering of thinking, feeling snakes, alligators, or other animals.

PETA entities have documented how the fashion industry hacks at alligators’ necks and shoves metal rods into their heads, chops off conscious lizards’ heads with machetes, and pumps snakes full of water to loosen their skin before it’s torn off – often while they’re still conscious.

The Future Is Vegan

Tory Burch joins a growing list of top designers – including Burberry, Chanel, Diane von Furstenberg, HUGO BOSS, and Vivienne Westwood – that have banned the use of skins from reptiles and other wildlife.

How You Can Help Crocodiles, Snakes, and Other Animals

Never contribute to this industry: avoid exotic skins when you shop. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the dark reality behind the fashion industry, opting for vegan clothing instead.

More than 100,000 PETA UK supporters have urged LVMH – the parent company of Louis Vuitton – to follow suit. Join them and send LVMH a message now: