Big Win for Alpacas: Derbyshire Farm Proposal Rejected After PETA Petition

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Soon after T&S Nurseries appeared to close up shop and shut down its rabbit farms across the country, the company submitted plans to Derbyshire Dales District Council for a new venture: an alpaca farm in Atlow.

Following protests from dedicated grassroots activists and after receiving PETA’s petition – signed by over 13,000 concerned residents and PETA supporters – the council rejected the proposal. Thank you to everyone who took action!

PETA previously petitioned against four other planning applications submitted by T&S Nurseries owner Phil Kerry for a series of rabbit farms and facilities in Buckinghamshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire, and Rutland.

T&S Nurseries has faced fierce opposition from many animal activists and animal rights organisations – including Shut Down T&S Rabbits, Viva!, and Animal Aid. We take our vegan hats off to all those who have protested or otherwise spoken out against this exploitative business.

Exploited for Their Fleece

The gentle alpacas at this proposed facility would have been subjected to shearing for their fleece. Alpacas are prey animals, and the shearing process can be extremely traumatising for them.

A PETA exposé of the world’s largest privately owned alpaca farm in Peru revealed workers restraining struggling, crying alpacas by the legs with rope and pulling their ears as they roughly sheared them with electric clippers, causing some to spit and vomit out of fear and leaving others with deep wounds. The disturbing footage shows pregnant alpacas being slammed onto tables. The terrified animals are put through this trauma simply for jumpers, scarves, or balls of yarn.

See the Individual

Alpacas are not fleece-making machines. They are complex individuals who feel pain and fear, just as humans do. They hum when they’re happy and scream when in danger, and these curious animals are so social that they often go to the “toilet” together.

The alpacas at this facility would have been kept in basic conditions with no consideration for their complex needs, then sold and sent away from their friends and family members.

Threat of Bovine Tuberculosis

Alpaca farms are also potential breeding grounds for bovine tuberculosis (bTB), a disease that can infect alpacas and other animals – including humans.

Reports show that alpacas in the UK have recently tested positive for bTB, and some have been killed, including Geronimo, whose heart-breaking story captured the public’s attention.

Local Concerns

Furthermore, concerned residents don’t want their peaceful community disrupted by traffic, noise, odour, and air pollution. In addition, there was an increased risk of road accidents due to poor visibility around the exit of the farm.

What’s Next?

Although the council rejected these plans, the applicants may try again.

We’ll continue to oppose proposals for farms that will cruelly exploit animals. If you want to be alerted when future planning applications are made and be one of the first to take action, join our Action Team and subscribe to our e-news:


You can also speak out for other alpacas who are beaten and maimed for jumpers and scarves. Send Anthropologie a message now, urging it to drop products made from alpaca fleece in favour of animal-friendly materials: