Victory: Foie Gras Just Isn’t Cricket!

Posted by on September 13, 2011 | Permalink

© iStockPhoto / robynmac

It’s been a great summer for England’s cricket fans, with the team currently the ICC Twenty20 champion, the holders of the Ashes and the top-ranked test side in the world. But birds also have something to celebrate because the world-famous home of English cricket, Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, has removed foie gras from its menu!

After viewing PETA’s foie gras exposé narrated by Kate Winslet, which shows how ducks and geese are abused by being repeatedly force-fed in order to produce this horrific product, Lord’s made the compassionate decision to disassociate itself from this most un-British food product. Other esteemed British institutions and events that have dropped foie gras from menus after hearing from PETA include The Brits, the BAFTAs and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Please take action for birds by joining our campaign to rid another British institution, Fortnum & Mason, of foie gras.