You Did It: Air France Cancels Live Monkey Transport for Animal Testing!

Posted by on January 31, 2012 | Permalink

Within a few hours of obtaining reports that Air France was planning to transport 60 live monkeys from Africa to a United States laboratory for use in animal experiments, PETA and several of our international affiliates quickly mobilised members and supporters to take action.

Within 24 hours, you and others like you managed to generate 68,000 e-mails, thousands of Facebook posts and tweets, and hundreds of calls. Thanks to your fast work and dedication, we are thrilled to confirm that Air France has cancelled plans to deliver these monkeys into the hands of experimenters!

This fantastic show of support proves once again that strength in numbers and coordinated actions can have a huge effect on companies. This victory couldn’t have been possible without your help. From all of us at PETA, a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who helped stop this transport! We are now urging Air France to create a formal policy to prohibit future shipments of primates to labs.

With this victory so fresh, please use your voice to influence the Home Office not to weaken protection laws for animals in laboratories in future.