7 Ways to Have a FANGtastic Vegan Halloween

Here’s how to creep it real and animal-friendly this Halloween:

  • Wear an animal rights–themed costume.

    Celebrate Halloween in style – animal-savin’ style, that is – by rocking a frightful costume with an animal rights message. Check out PETA’s cruelty-free Halloween make-up looks for inspo:


  • Stick to bootiful cruelty-free make-up.

    The PETA US Beauty Without Bunnies database lists the many cruelty-free companies that don’t conduct horrifying tests on animals. Check the list before picking up supplies to achieve bewitchingly perfect make-up for Halloween.

  • Give out undead candy.

    If trick-or-treaters are knocking on your door this All Hallows’ Eve, you can avoid scary dairy “products” and gruesome gelatine by stocking up on vegan sweets and snacks like Starburst, Oreos, Jelly Tots, Skittles, and more. 

  • Get movie marathon–ready.

    Any vegan Halloween enthusiast loves watching a good scary film while enjoying some quality snacks – minus the real horror behind animal-derived foods.  Get in the spirit with PETA’s vegan Halloween snack ideas, which include Sausage Mummies and Chewy Green Ghoulies. Yikes!

  • Smash black cat superstitions.

    Some people hold on to superstitions about black cats, which means they may try to harm them – especially at Halloween. Protect all cats by keeping yours indoors and spreading the word to any other cat guardians you know.

  • Give your pumpkin something to smile about.

    Ditch candles made of beeswax – for which many bees die or are killed, sometimes when their wings or legs are torn off – and look for eco- and animal-friendly soya-based candles instead. Buzzin’.

  • Remember that whether they crawl, creep, or flap, all animals matter.

    For animals who are used and abused in exploitative industries, every day is frightening, so spare them a thought this Halloween.

Inspired to help animals? Visit our action centre!

From speaking out against animal testing to protesting against the cruelty of factory farming, there are many ways for you to make your voice heard: