Would You Live on Banana Bread Lane?

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PETA has asked Claines village councillors to rename the town’s Egg Lane to Banana Bread Lane. Here’s the letter we’ve sent them. If the town agrees to the animal-friendly upgrade, we will deliver a basket of delicious vegan eggs to every household on the lane to celebrate.

Why Rename Egg Lane?

Every year, the egg industry crams millions of smart, sensitive chickens into sheds, where they can’t breathe fresh air or feel sunlight on their backs.

Removing the “egg” from the street’s name would be a simple, fun way to highlight to residents that ditching eggs is better for their health, for the environment, and, of course, for animals.

What’s Wrong With Eggs?

The suggestion follows a PETA investigation revealing that chickens on farms supplying the Happy Egg Co – one of the UK’s top “free-range” egg producers – are subjected to painful mutilations and overcrowding. See for yourself. Do these hens look happy to you?

Because farms – including those labelled “free-range”, “Red Tractor–assured”, and “high-welfare” – pack animals tightly into dirty sheds, egg production also poses a pandemic risk. SARS, swine flu, bird flu, and COVID-19 all stemmed from confining and killing animals for food.

The Only Happy Egg Is a Vegan Egg

There are so many great substitutes for eggs that you don’t need to stop eating your favourite meals – just swap a few ingredients. Vegan egg replacers are delicious, can be bought in supermarkets and health food shops, and offer all the taste with none of the cruelty.

Try Vegan Banana Bread

Vegan baking is easy and fun! Why not give it a go? By doing so, you’ll help spare animals suffering on egg farms. Try some of our favourite vegan banana bread recipes: