All About Animals: Primary Teachers

The Issues

Age 5 – 7 The Issues.
Age 8 – 11 The Issues.

Key Stage 1 Lesson Plans

Instant Lesson Plans

Some lesson plans are formatted so that they can be immediately downloaded, photocopied and handed out in your classroom. Just click the q to download the sheet. Simple!

Lesson Plan 1: No One Likes a Bully
Lesson Plan 2: My Animal Companion Needs Me
Lesson Plan 3: Is It Fair?
Lesson Plan 4: Friendship
Lesson Plan 5: Choices

Lesson Plan 1: How does it all end?
Lesson Plan 2: What’s the meaning of this?
Lesson Plan 3: What’s the word?
Lesson Plan 4: Let’s have a heated debate…
Lesson Plan 5: Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Lesson Plan 1: In My Garden
Lesson Plan 2: Disappearing Forests
Lesson Plan 3: Debate of the Day—Litter!
Lesson Plan 4: We All Belong Somewhere
Lesson Plan 5: Is it Hot in Here?

Lesson Plan 1: What am I?
Lesson Plan 2: Me and My Pal
Lesson Plan 3: Caring for Animals

Lesson Plan 1: Good or Bad, Happy or Sad?
Lesson Plan 2: Sharing Our World

Key Stage 2 Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan 1: Caring for Animals
Lesson Plan 2: I want, you need
Lesson Plan 3: Let’s Debate!
Lesson Plan 4: Bullies
Lesson Plan 5: A Six-Week Project: The Wild Place

Lesson Plan 1: What Did You Say?
Lesson Plan 2: Persuade Me!
Lesson Plan 3: Oh No, Not a Grammar Lesson!
Lesson Plan 4: Elephant in a Zoo

Lesson Plan 1: Turtle Alert!
Lesson Plan 2: Changing Landscapes: Logging
Lesson Plan 3: Changing for the Better
Lesson Plan 4: Hedgerows

Lesson Plan 1: Animals and their Environments
Lesson Plan 2: Taking Care of the World
Lesson Plan 3: Suits You!



Story 1: Adapted from “Don’t Cut the Lawn” by Margaret Mahey, taken from A Treasury of Stories for Six-Year-Olds, chosen by Edward and Nancy Blishen.
Story 2: Adapted from “Dog in Danger”, by Hiawyn Oram
Story 3: Adapted from “A Chicken Gave It to Me”, by Anne Fine
Story 4: Adapted from ‘Omelette: A Chicken in Peril’, by Gareth Owen.
Story 5: “Gerty and the Great Escape”, by Rob Bullock (This is a true story.)
Story 6: “Snake Story”, by Rob Bullock (This is a true story.)
Story 7: “Bramble Hedge the Greyhound”, by Rob Bullock (This is a true story.)
Story 8: “The Lucky Coypu”, by Rob Bullock. (This is a true story.)
Story 9: “Herons”, by Rob Bullock
Story 10: “Earthworms”, by Rob Bullock
Story 11: “Deer”, by Rob Bullock