How PETA Championed Animal Rights in 2023

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Check out these highlights from PETA’s efforts in 2023 – from its greatest triumphs for animals to actions that have helped challenge speciesism.

Below is a selection of this year’s achievements and progress made for animals.

Animals Rescued From the Rubble After Earthquakes in Turkey

After the devastating earthquakes in Turkey, our brave team rushed to ground zero to help rescue frightened animal survivors trapped under the rubble. We provided them with urgent veterinary care, and when possible, we reunited them with their families.

Rescue Missions in Flooded Ukraine

Following the floods in Ukraine, local rescue teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund helped save dogs, cats, and chickens from the life-threatening high waters. Since the rescue mission began in 2022, PETA entities and PETA-funded teams have helped over 13,000 animals in Ukraine.

Animal Rescue Kharkiv / The Ukrainian

UK Animal Testing for Cosmetics Ingredients Has Ended

The UK is now one step closer to ending animal testing for cosmetics: tests for ingredients used exclusively in cosmetics are finally over! In May, the government stopped issuing new licences for such tests, and by November, the Home Office confirmed that testing had also ended under all remaining legacy licences.

House of Fraser Owner Banned Angora

Around forty-eight hours after 17,000 PETA supporters messaged Frasers Group, the brand extended its no-fur policy to include angora – fur torn from fully conscious rabbits. This will go down as one of the fastest wins for animals in PETA’s history!

Budweiser Stopped Using Horses With Mutilated Tailbones

PETA entities persuaded Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch InBev, to stop amputating Clydesdale horses tailbones for promotions and parades, which means dozens of horses will be spared the painful ordeal of their tailbones being severed with a scalpel or a tight band that restricts the blood supply, causing it to die and fall off.

HelloFresh and ASDA Cut Ties With Monkey Labour

Following several PETA Asia investigations, an intense three-month campaign, and nearly 100,000 e-mails from PETA entity supporters worldwide, meal delivery company HelloFresh confirmed that it will remove Thai coconut milk products from its supply chain. And ASDA became the first international retailer to agree not to source coconut milk from Thailand for its own-brand products. These victories are another blow to an industry that chains and beats monkeys and forces them to pick coconuts in Thailand.

And that’s not all!

PETA entities were also instrumental in securing the following victories:

Thank You!

Each of these achievements was only possible because caring, determined people refused to look away or stay silent while animals suffered. Until every cage is empty, every chain is broken, and every animal is treated with respect, PETA won’t stop.

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